A downloadable game for Windows

An RPG with a "devolving art style".

Have you ever wondered what happens in an RPG after the villain is defeated, the story ends, and the credits roll? It's not pretty.

A team of four fire-forged friends have risen to challenge Dark Lord Orion and end the Demon Wars that have plagued their world for centuries. It's time for a good old happy ending with no strings attached, right?

But one final thread of Fate is left to be unwoven.

Something strange shatters the momentary calm. The body of our hero, Swiftheart, is suddenly and strangely altered into something not at all ordinary. Suspecting a curse, the team assembles once more to find the source of the spell and stop it.

What they'll find instead is a horrible truth, and one last wild adventure.

The End uses the "Aggression"-based combat system seen in Illusions of Loyalty. Do you spend your Aggression now and gain an advantage? Or will you bank it for use on a more powerful skill later, and risk missing a window of opportunity?

The game also features many unique offensive and defensive pieces of gear that grants special bonuses to whomever they are equipped to, from free attacks to gaining energy when attacked.

Thematic origins:
The End was originally made for an event on RPGmaker.net, where we were tasked with creating a game built solely with assets other users created for the event.

Given the wealth of great-looking retro tilesets and sprites, I decided to make a game based on a "devolving art-style", and this was the result.

Install instructions

In the download is a .zip file.

Just unzip it to your location of choice, then double click the little dragon head icon in the unzipped folder to start playing.

You can toggle screen size with F6, as well as fullscreen mode with F5.

(If ever a weird graphical glitch occurs at the title screen, changing screen sizes will fix it instantly)

Also, yes, you can use a gamepad to play!
Default Controls for Xbox 360 controller:
Confirm/Talk/Check: X button
Cancel/Open Menu: B button
Sprint: Hold down the A button while moving.
Switch characters in Equip screens: LB or RB


Remember! Your feedback is important!
It'll help me make my future games that much better!

Drop me your comments at Dragonwavelength@gmail.com
or on RPGmaker.net.

Either one works!


The End V1.5 Download.zip 265 MB


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Love the concept.

I'm glad you liked it!